Skanörs Gästgifvaregård, Mellangatan 13, 239 30 Skanör



The restaurants openinghours

Lunch of the day
Mon-fri at. 11.30 a.m -14 p.m

Mon-Fri at. 17-21
Sat at 13-15 and 17-21
Sun at 13-18


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Skanörs Gästgifvaregård

There are places where life goes a bit slower, where time lasts a little longer and where the food tastes a little bit better. Just three miles south of Malmö you’ll find Skanörs Gästgifvaregård, a unique place and one of Sweden’s most beautiful Inn. We offer today’s lunch, a la carte, conference opportunities and weekend packages all year round.
We welcome you down to Skanör!

Our restaurant

Our Gästgifveri/Inn is one of Sweden’s oldest. The kitchen compose its menus of the seasons’s commodities. We try to meet and combine new techniques with traditional dishes. It’s important that the guest recognize the food. The flavors shall exceed your expectations. Please book a table at +46(0)40-475690.