Skanörs Gästgifvaregård, Mellangatan 13, 239 30 Skanör

A la carte

A la carte



Traditional Swedish pickled herring starter (S.O.S.) 95: –

Crème Ninon with tempered egg, kale and lavaret roe 105: –

Scanian goose liver terrine with morels, apple, black currant and bread crisps 115: –

 Main courses

Grilled entrecôte with sweet potato purée, pak choi, red wine sauce and roast potatoes 255: –

Fish and seafood casserole with curry-pickled onions, dried tomatoes and zucchini served with spiced boiled potatoes 245: –

Roast cauliflower with puréed beans, deep fried capers, almond and parmesan cheese 195: –


Freshly deep fried doughnuts with apple compote and cardamom ice cream 95: –

White chocolate mousse with fried white chocolate, sea buckthorn and hazelnuts 105: –

Selection of cheese 135:-

Homemade pralines 25: –

In case of any allergies, please notify the staff

Please note that we are a cash-free restaurant


For our gooslings (0-12 yeras)

Half portions-half price from the menu above

Meatballs with gravy and lingonberries 75:-

Vanilla ice cream 40:-

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